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The purpose of this book is to provide a roadmap, a plan for people on how to reach their goals of fitness and health. This road map includes an analysis of fitness goals and objectives, an analysis of one’s physique through the explanation of diet and nutrition, and a daily diet and nutrition plan. Step by step, you will be guided in your training by one of the great names in bodybuilding. Anibal Lopez will escort you on your journey from your present physique to reaching the level of fitness you desire. This book is intended to guide both men and women in their pursuit of fitness. If you want to lose or gain weight, diet and nutrition plans will significantly help you.


Reviews (7)


  1. Marilyn Rivera

    When experience motivation and dedication counts this will be your guide. This is a great book not only to read but to carry along for your exercises. This book takes you step-by-step to reach your goals improve your physique, your fitness and help with valuable nutritional information. A must have!!!

  2. steve

    A wonderful read from the days of bodybuilding when it truly was bodybuilding… Health-oriented… Experience… Does and don’ts… How and why. I couldn’t be happier with the book… Not to mention the wonderful autographed picture from a true legend from the real days of bodybuilding… Thank you, Anibal ..all my best💪🏻

  3. John Sierzega

    This book should be in everyone’s training library. This one book contains all the information required to build your physique to maximum potential, nutrition, diet recommendations, descriptions of exercises with photos, routines from beginner thru advanced including a High Intensity Training section and much more. As a huge fan and collector of Bodybuilding memorabilia, it was also a huge bonus that Mr. Lopez took the time to personally inscribe the book to me and additionally autograph the first page with date. If you are looking for one training source that has it all and is well layed out and written this is it!!

  4. Timothy Walton

    A solid book to guide you to your goals without all the latest fad add-ons to complicate everything. Written by a TRUE Champion who accomplished his achievements NATURALLY. The way bodybuilding is supposed to be: Developing your physique to your full potential the healthy way. If someone has lost their way and is confused by listening to all the new internet gurus and chemical pushers, this is the book to clarity, sanity, health, and physique development. Thank you Anibal!

  5. Allen Carroll

    A very common-sense approach that works. I cannot recommend this enough to those that are looking to slim down, bulk up, or even just to get their general health in order. I used to be a big guy that topped out at 312 lbs. With Mr. Lopez’s help and guidance, I was able to safely transform myself into a 194 lb. new man. A safe and efficient workout regime, good dietary, and more are all here in an easy to digest format. Again, I cannot recommend his teachings enough.

  6. Sergio can

    Thank you Anibal Lopez for the book one of the best books that I have read so far. It’s better than the first book I can understand it better. I’ve been reading your exercises and I’m doing better I gained 10 pounds of muscle. Thank you again hopefully I will meet you at your gym and get training by you. God bless you and have a good 2023

  7. Jeffrey Schneider

    What a great book for beginning to advanced training. Anibal explains in detail how to stay healthy and train for longevity and how to not overtrain and create a more healthy aesthetic physique. I remember when I was in high school and my school counselor gave me this muscle builder magazine and I saw a picture of Anibal posing I was mesmerized by his muscularity and great aesthetic look to his physique with a small waist and great abs and serratus. And it was an honor to read and learn about his lifestyle Career as a bodybuilder and career in the military.
    Sincerely Jeffrey Schneider

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