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Meet Javier Riutor who lost over 60lbs using Anibal’s training program! 

I am blessed to have Anibal as my personal trainer. His knowledge and experience in physical fitness and bodybuilding has helped me lose over 45 lb. in a very short time. Plus I feel healthier, have improved cardio and improved flexibility and strength. All of this by doing only 30 minute sessions 3 times a week, for a total of 1½ hours per week! I thank Anibal for allowing me the opportunity to be trained by the best of the best.


Meet Henry Ortiz a former navy seal

Anibal is a master trainer who knows how to manifest the best possible results in a short period of time. As a Navy Seal, years of advanced military training and conditioning never yielded the results that Anibal achieved in such a short time. All I have to do is show up two times a week for a 30 minute session and follow Anibal’s instructions.


Meet Marivi Cordova, a single mother of three

I am a 35 year old single mother of three. When I had two children one after the other, it made it difficult to get back into shape. With Anibal as my personal trainer, I lost 18 pounds with only two 30 minute sessions a week! I have never looked and felt better.

Meet Rob who is 64 years old and is a 14 year cancer survivor.

He also has had two knee replacements. This makes his training needs very specialized.

More than that, the cancer left Rob very underweight for his build. Despite these challenges, Anibal was able to help Rob build back 70 pounds of lean muscle and get into fantastic shape.

Listen to what Rob has to say about Anibal!

Meet Ludwig who has been working out for years,

but never got anything like the results he now get’s from Anibal!

Best of all, Ludwig now has the extra time he was looking for to connect with his family, because Anibal’s unique program only requires one hour in the gym each week.

Hear Ludwig give his personal testimony about how Anibal help transform his body and his workout.

Meet Rex who is 66 years old, but he’s not ready to let that stop him!

Because of Anibal’s training, he is in the best shape of his life! That’s because Anibal knows how to help you reach your max potential no matter what your needs.

Watch the video and listen to what Rex has to say about Anibal’s unique program.



Meet Pastor Ruben Ortiz (click here for the Spanish version)



After 114 days











I was revising my calendar and notice we have completed 48 exercises sessions in 114 days.

This has produce a radical change in my organism and my entire life agenda. From weighting 236 lb to 208: 28 lbs. less. But most impressive is the size of my pants. From size 42” to size 34″. Boom!

Certainly, I have no way of re-paying you and show my gratitude to our Lord Jesus for sending you to my life. Without your example, seriousness, tenacity and maturity I would not have been able stay on this journey. Your contribution has been the difference in so many times that I tried to give a twist to my nutrition and lifestyle and went out with a few pounds less and much frustration. The cycle didn’t brake and the rebound was even worse.

Thank you with all my heart, my dear brother. Your consideration with my economy, flexibility with your schedule to accommodate my complicated life have been key to recognize that I am not who was 114 days ago and this is thanks to you.

Have me as a firm admirer of you as a trainer, athlete and model to imitate. Always count on my prayers, Council and pastoral care. You are a gift from heaven in the opportune moment in my life.

Hoping to have their friendship for many years, in Christ.

Rubén Ortiz, your pastor.

When Billy Cosentino (long time video blogger and my next door neighbor) began training with me, he was amazed with the results.

Just like all my other happy clients, Billy was amazed at just how fast he got the results that he wanted.

In fact, he was so impressed that he posted a video on his YouTube channel about it!


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