Mr. Universe contest in LondonI was born in Puerto Rico on Aug. 24, 1942.

Men of great muscular power with the ability to perform feats of strength fascinated me. I would read Tarzan magazines and watch Johnny Weissmuller play Tarzan in the movies. I was drawn to Superman and Hercules movies by Steve Reeves.

My passion began to grow for both weightlifting and bodybuilding in Bronx, New York at an early age. I started training at home with a barbell, a pair of dumbells and a bench made out of wood. It became in my way of life, caring for my diet and Maintaining a steady pace of training they helped me to perfect, at that time I was still being discovered new techniques, inventing new machines I tried everything and Experimenting with different positions of the strangest you can imagine, today I realize That was a crazy, but all that Showed me That there are techniques and correct ways to train in less time with more results.

First phoyo in the magazineWhen I was not competing, I performed exhibitions for summer camps, churches, prisons and schools. I have traveled throughout the United States, Spain & England conducting seminars and posing exhibitions. If you would like to schedule me for a seminar or speaking engagement click here.

I thank WBBG organization and Mr. Dan Lurie for the opportunity to participate in the 1978 Pro-Mr.America contest. Winning this title expanded my bodybuilding career and open doors to be known world wide. Mr.Lurie sponsored me to compete in the NABBA Mr. Universe contest,this was a dream come true.

For more information about me and my training, read my book Your Personal Training Guide: Then and Now.