Pro Mr. America and National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee.


Destiny With A Purpose

I am blessed to have Anibal as my personal trainer. His knowledge and experience in physical fitness and bodybuilding has helped me lose over 45 lb. in a very short time. Plus I feel healthier, have improved cardio and improved flexibility and strength. All of this by doing only 30 minute sessions 3 times a week, for a total of 1½ hours per week! I thank Anibal for allowing me the opportunity to be trained by the best of the best.
Javier Riutor
I am a 35 year old single mother of three. When I had two children one after the other, it made it difficult to get back into shape. With Anibal as my personal trainer, I lost 18 pounds with only two 30 minute sessions a week! I have never looked and felt better.
Marivi Cordova
Anibal is a master trainer who knows how to manifest the best possible results in a short period of time. As a Navy Seal, years of advanced military training and conditioning never yielded the results that Anibal achieved in such a short time. All I have to do is show up two times a week for a 30 minute session and follow Anibal’s instructions.
Henry Ortiz



I was born in Puerto Rico on Aug. 24, 1942.

Men of great muscular power with the ability to perform feats of strength fascinated me. I would read Tarzan magazines and watch Johnny Weissmuller play Tarzan in the movies. I was drawn to Superman and Hercules movies by Steve Reeves.

My passion began to grow for both weightlifting and bodybuilding in Bronx, New York at an early age.